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Miss you Buddy!  / Usi-Osefe Aimiuwu (Classmate)  Read >>
Miss you Buddy!  / Usi-Osefe Aimiuwu (Classmate)
David, I really miss you and every time I am in California your thought always cross my mind. I am really glad I got to see you few weeks before the untimely accident. Thanks for reaching out to the new kid fresh out from Nigeria on the track team. I will forever remember our laughs and conversations. Till we meet again, Usiosefe Close
It Only Takes a Second...  / David Jennings (Father)  Read >>
It Only Takes a Second...  / David Jennings (Father)
It only took a second for me to once again be reminded of just how fragile our lives really are.

I was startled as I was pulling out of my neighborhood this morning when I realized that I had forgotten to kiss my wife, Kristi, good-bye and whisper that I love her before I left for work. It troubled me because it’s something that I always do on my way out of our bedroom. She is usually still in a deep sleep and probably doesn’t even realize that I do it most of the time. It would have set me back minutes to turn around and go back to the house. So I continued to drive on. Besides, I’ll text her later.

As I continued my drive in the dark down a two lane state highway, my car’s headlights suddenly came upon a broken down pick-up truck in the opposite lane. It was totally disabled with absolutely no lights or flashers on. In the second that I passed by it I noticed a man sitting inside. He was only partially pulled off onto the shoulder – still blocking half of his lane. I was angered that he hadn’t pulled completely off, creating a dangerous situation.

Even though there were no other vehicles at that moment, I realized that this was an accident waiting to happen. I used my cell phone to put a call into 911 and report the situation. Of course, within seconds of doing so, the headlights of an oncoming semi-truck appeared as it headed toward the broken down pick-up. I flashed my lights a couple of times in hopes of warning that driver. Before my mind could even think about the ramifications that might occur as that semi came upon the stalled pick-up, a second semi appeared. I could only hope that these trucks would see the disabled vehicle in time to slow down and avoid either slamming into it or having to swerve into the on-coming lane in an attempt to avoid it.

It only took a second as I said a quick prayer for the safety of those folks and hoped for the best as I continued on my drive.

Not 20-minutes into my drive I had found my way onto Interstate 25 and was just merging onto C-470 when I saw numerous emergency vehicles with their lights flashing and lighting up the highway on the opposite side. I could tell that they were positioned such to have all 4 lanes on that side of the highway closed off. As the distance grew near I saw in the lights what remained of a vehicle. I could only imagine the worse had happened to the person or people that were inside.

In that second, in that moment, all of the memories of the accident 7-years ago that claimed the lives of my 19-year-old son, David, and both of my parents once again erupted inside of me. Memories and emotions that I try to forget and keep buried deep inside. It doesn’t happen often, but it only takes a second for something like this to shake me deep enough and find its way to that place. When that hole that remains in my heart and soul is once again opened wide and all of that hurt and pain inside once again erupts. I find it hard to breathe. The pain pours out…along with all of the tears.

I try to push down the emotions and pray for God’s help to make them go away. It doesn’t take a second. I pray for all of those lives that this accident would affect.

Suddenly, in that moment, as often is the case, a song begins to play on the radio. The song is The Hurt and The Healer by MercyMe…

The question that is never far away
The healing doesn’t come from the explained
Jesus please don’t let this go in vain
You’re all I have
All that remains

Sometimes I feel it’s all that I can do
Pain so deep that I can hardly move
Just keep my eyes completely fixed on You
Lord take hold and pull me through

So here I am
What’s left of me
Where glory meets my suffering

I’m alive
Even though a part of me has died
You take my heart and breathe it back to life
I’ve fallen into your arms open wide
When the hurt and the healer collide

It’s the moment when humanity
Is overcome by majesty
When grace is ushered in for good
And all our scars are understood
When mercy takes its rightful place
And all these questions fade away
When out of the weakness we must bow
And hear You say “It’s over now”

Jesus come and break my fear
Awake my heart and take my tears
Find Your glory even here
When the hurt and the healer collide

I am reminded once again of the compassion and love that the Lord has for us during times like these. I am reminded once again how fragile and precious our lives really are. That it only takes a second.

We all go about our daily routines; routines that, in another song sung by Matthew West, are referred to as The Motions. I am reminded how easily our routines, our motions, can quickly be turned upside down in a second by one phone call, one sudden tragedy.

Something as simple and as sudden as a broken down truck in the dark that your loved one doesn’t see until it’s too late. Or by that distracted driver crossing left of center where your loved ones don’t have a chance to react. It doesn’t take much. It happens everyday. And it only takes a second.

We shouldn’t live our lives in fear. But we should remember to truly live our lives. We should always remember how fragile it really is. Try not to forget this.

And always take the time, that precious second, to kiss your loved ones good-bye each day and tell them that you love them. Because for some of us, that will be the last time that you will ever have with them.

It only takes a second. Close
Heaven is a Place on Earth  / Lauren Coffman (Bestest Friend )  Read >>
Heaven is a Place on Earth  / Lauren Coffman (Bestest Friend )

Last night I finished an interpreting assignment at UCSD at about 8pm and I was driving to escondido on the 5-78 which I never drive anymore. I have been missing david a lot lately and the last couple of times I have driven past carlsbad on the 78 I have wanted to go to his house but havent. Well I decided I wanted to Go. For about a year now I have had this idea to go write notes to him on the sidewalk by his house with chalk but I figured someone must live there now.
I went to CVS and bought some chalk and drove to his house. It was really funny because I drove down the first street instead of shale. lol and I always used to do that and david would be like no the next one haha. Driving there was harder than I thought it would be. I was just remembering all the drives to hang out and the first time I drove there with him and how I loved the view of the city from the steep turn. I finally got to the house and it was pretty abandoned. no one was at the house next door either. It made me wonder if the jennings still owned the house. It was almost like there was no one on the whole street-pure silence.
I was just sitting there remembering everything.

OUr first date when we got in his car and he had a pink teddy bear sitting on the seat for me. Running around the coldsack laughing and dancing. Laying in the middle of the road looking at the stars . Kissing by th back gate,watching the porch turn into a beautiful fountain.Talking and comforting him in the driveway,I had never seen him cry before and arriving after he died to see his family,the news crew, and Larissa and Ericka running to hug me.

I prayed so hard to him please come back. I couldnt feel him there like I used to and I was just begging him to come around. I gave up after a couple minutes realizing how crazy I was acting. All the sudden a car drove by on the main street blasting music. The music wasnt clear-just noise-until it passed shale " Heaven is a place on earth" blasted out of the car any other lyrics were quiet. It was that 80s song. I didnt exactly realize what had happened at first.

But then I just knew it was David

So It comes down to this.
Sidewalk chalk and silence
Memories still so real here
Present calls from the life left force me back into reality
I dont want to be here
Take me back

Its silent here now
Mocking everything I miss
so many times I cried
But I am alone here now

This coldasack was supposed to be filled with laughter and hugs and kisses,
stars and dances
It will never be fair or right or real
Time and distance hide the truth

The smell of jasmine brings out the happiness I forgot how to feel
The person I was and the love I could give
But It truely haunts me.
THe street lights make me remeber
Picket fences will always make me weak at the knees
" Heaven is a PLace On Earth

Love LaLA
A great Friend with charisma  / Usiosefe Aimiuwu (High school Classmate and friend )  Read >>
A great Friend with charisma  / Usiosefe Aimiuwu (High school Classmate and friend )

I remember David Like it was yesterday. When i transferred To Carroll High School, he was a good friend and a good person you can talk to. We were on the same track team and also in similar courses. I had the opportunity to meet his grandparents when we graduated from high school and they were really nice people. The most current memory i have of David is the last visit he made when i was in California weeks before the untimely accident. He drove from San Diego when i was visiting and we drove around and had fun. I miss you Man, I will always remember you as the jovial, charismatic boy that you were.

Hunting Dreams  / Dad   Read >>
Hunting Dreams  / Dad
I spent a week up in the mountains archery hunting for Elk. Something you and I looked forward to doing once you were through with school.  One of my hunting friends brought his son along and I have to say it was a little painful to see the two of them hunting and visiting together.

David, I saw you every where I looked! What an incredible sight when you walk at 11,500 feet and look down on God's natural beauty below. And to think, you have a window seat for all of it. I thought of you so many times and couldn't help but think you set all of this up for me. Maybe we were hunting together after all.

Thanks for dream and the memories son! Close
Mike from Target  / Mike Rios (budz)  Read >>
Mike from Target  / Mike Rios (budz)
We had a stupid game we played when we worked for Target and it was so funny to here the dumb answers Dave would say and we laughed till our stomaches hurt, he was always honest with his answers.. i've been to Iraq and i've been around crazy-killer Marines and then i got a job working with Dave and he was like a calm quiet kid and he was very nice and had manners it was a real 360 for me and then i felt more relaxed and i laughed alot more then i used to and it was ok to do that stuff again cause of Dave.... and i will always remember the last time i saw him and i regret not switching with him and giving him the day off. Close
Miss YOU  / Lauren (Everything)  Read >>
Miss YOU  / Lauren (Everything)
Some of us change and grow up gradually and some us are forced to change all at once when our lives are torn inside out! We are never the same, sometimes we wish we could be, But... memories of you pop into my head everyday-and I wouldn't trade them for the world- I'd only trade them for you


Three Things...  / Dad &. Mom (Parents)  Read >>
Three Things...  / Dad &. Mom (Parents)

A few days after his death, I felt that David drew me to read this card at a local gift shop in downtown Carlsbad. We had already felt that "signs" of 3 were signs from them. So the title to the card and it's inherent message, really tugged at us. While reading it's message, the tears flowed freely, but afterwards, felt total peace in the message that was delivered....

Three Things

These are the three things I'll always have for you when your days aren't going the way they're supposed to...

I truly wish I could make things easier for you. I wish I knew all the right words to say and all the right things to do.

I hope everything will be fine soon. And I really hope you understand, deep within your heart, that I will always be here whenever you need a helping hand.

And dreams...
I dream of a time that will come along soon...when the sun will shine so brightly that any clouds that have been in your life will disappear, and then your days will be filled with the kind of smiles and warmth that you always bring to everyone else.
- L. N. Mallory

Hang In There and Remember:
Happiness Will Come Your Way and Everything's Going to Be Okay.

You would be proud  / Scot Alexander (Friend of the family )  Read >>
You would be proud  / Scot Alexander (Friend of the family )
We are all excited about the up coming golf outing for your scholarship fund.  More importantly you would be proud of your Mom and Dad, they are amazing people and truly demonstrate the importance of family and love for their children.  Your father has been a big influence and mentor for my son.  You would be proud how you raised your Mom and Dad. 
God Bless all of you and thank you. Close
What a beautiful son  / Jane Jones (Another grieving mom )  Read >>
What a beautiful son  / Jane Jones (Another grieving mom )
I know your pain in the loss of David and I will keep your family in my prayers.  We too lost our beloved son on November 6, 2005 at the young age of 19.  Your memories are all you have but be so thankful for each one of them.  God Bless you.  This is a beautiful tribute to him.
Homesick / David &. Kristi (Parents)  Read >>
Homesick / David &. Kristi (Parents)

We thank God for all of the wonderful friends that David was blessed with having in his life. Yesterday his friends from Queen of Apostles (QAC) dedicated a tree in his memory. Thank you to Katie and Joe for all of your love!

There were some beautiful words and music that were part of the dedication that truly touched us and expressed how we feel since you've been gone:

 "Homesick" (Mercy Me)

You're in a better place, I've heard a thousand times
And at least a thousand times I've rejoiced for you
But the reason why I'm broken, the reason why I cry
Is how long must I wait to be with you!

I close my eyes and I see your face
If home's where my heart is then I'm out of place
Lord, won't you give me strength to make it through somehow
I've never been more homesick than now.

Help me Lord cause I don't understand your ways
The reason why I wonder if I'll ever know
But, even if you showed me, the hurt would be the same
Cause I'm still here so far away from home

In Christ, there are no goodbyes
And in Christ, there is no end
So I'll hold onto Jesus with all that I have
To see you again
To see you again

And I close my eyes and I see your face
If home's where the heart is then I'm out of place
Lord, won't you give me strength to make it through somehow
Won't you give me strength to make it through somehow
Won't you give me strength to make it through somehow

I've never been more homesick than now

David, we all miss you so much. Yet we all must understand it best in knowing the following is so true my son:

I know well there is no comfort for this pain of parting: the wound always remains, but one learns to bear the pain, and learns to thank God for what He gave, for the beautiful memories of the past, and the yet more beautiful hope for the future.
- Max Muller

We Love You Son....Happy Birthday!

Dad & Mom

A Loving Friend / Christina Lopez (Good Friend)  Read >>
A Loving Friend / Christina Lopez (Good Friend)

It is still so hard to believe that he is not here with us. He has been such an inspiration in my life. I first met him at work. Holly, Dave, and I became really good friends. We spent so much time together and made beautiful memories. He was always there to listen and comfort me when i was down. He always made me laugh. I remember we both spent New Years Eve with Holly at her house. We watched movies and Holly read us The Polar Express book and he couldn't help but make the train sound, " choo choo."haha. After the ball dropped we all held hands and promised that we would all be friends forever, no matter what. I know that he will never break his promise because i know he is still with Holly and I, watching over us and taking care of us. I still remember the day when i visited him and Holly at work and he asked me if i could bring him milk so that he could have  his freshly baked cookies that Holly had made him. But when i got there with his own little carton of milk he was dissapointed because he couldn't dunk his cookies in his milk. We just laughed and he ate his cookies anyway. I remember i would go in every monday, and then finally tuesday, to visit him in the college center at my highschool. He and Frank were both Mira Costa Ambassadors. He was so excited that i was going to go to Mira Costa and then go to UCSD too. He told me that he would be there at his school the day of my placement test at Mira Costa and not to worry because i would do fine. The day i took my placement test i know he was there in spirit, watching.I remember all of his hugs and how he always comforted me like if he were my own brother.When i was upset he would always assure me that everything would be okay. I miss him so much and he will be carried on in memory always. Never forgotten and loved more than ever.

Life goes on .. / Kretz Family (Family Friend)  Read >>
Life goes on .. / Kretz Family (Family Friend)
Dear Little David ..

Hard to believe that a month has gone by since your passing from this life into the next .. you are remembered each night in the prayers of the boys, and you have earned the annointed position along with other favored family and friends who have gone before us but forever remain in our hearts, minds, thoughts and prayers.

We think and speak of you often .as an example to the boys of how to live, love and laugh ... your passing has kindled a respect and appreciation for what we know as life .. and a keen awareness of the unknown timeline we walk ..

Please give your parents, sisters, relatives and friends peace and let them rest in confidence that you are at peace and with your maker and that we will all meet up again in the next life.

You will be missed in body .. but never in soul.

Your friends,

Kretz Family Close
Condolence / Mike Rakel (Teacher/Friend)  Read >>
Condolence / Mike Rakel (Teacher/Friend)
May I offer my thoughts and prayers in this time of loss. David will always be remembered for the gifts that he shared with all who knew him. May all of his friends and family find strength in the love and prayers of friends. Close
Story (everyone should share their stories) / Lauren Coffman (Bestest Friends)  Read >>
Story (everyone should share their stories) / Lauren Coffman (Bestest Friends)

Last summer me, dave, my sister, bro, and aunt all went camping. I remember dave was so excited because we were going to go fishing. He said he would finally get the wear his fishing vest. LOl i was like what youre going to wear a fishing vest? He just looked at me like of course. I said you Cowboy and laughed. We went to Target to get fishing stuff. He had an explanation about everything we needed. And it was so cute how he got so excited about things. Since I didnt know what "equiptment" we needed he put me in charge of finding a tackle box and I put it all together for us with all the stuff he bought. I remember he got into a 25 minute conversation with this guy in the store about the fishing and where it was good and they talked about fishing in ohio for a while. Dave was always so nice to everyone something which is very rare in boys our age especially in California. We bought everything and our licenses and we were all set. I still remember we left his car at my house for the weekend and we took mine to the camp site. We talked the whole way up there and sang really loud like always. That weekend was so much fun. We went hiking and got in the biggest water fight ever. We fished all day sat. and didnt catch a thing. When we decided to leave a dying rainbow trout pracically swam up to us. ( we said that counted as catching something. ) and yes he wore his fishing vest. He also had this water bottle which looked like a bag connected to a tube that I made fun of him for all day and then I finally admitted it was easier to carry then a water bottle.
     I have only seen david mad once and it was adorable. Let me tell you if anyone could piss off david it was my sister. LOL It was about 10:30 at night . We caught our dead fish and still had to walk back to camp. We walked through the bushes. My sister proceeded to whine and say she couldnt make it over the ditch. We persuaed her for about 10 minutes. When finally dave put down every last thing he was carrying walked all the way down the hill and put his hand out to help her( just as she hopped over the ditch. David looked at me turned around up the hill laid down in the middle of the street and screamed at the top of his lungs. =) =) Dave is the most wonderful, caring and loving person I have ever met and I will never be the same without him. Dave I love you so much and I miss you soooo. Love YOu Lauren *LALA

We are so blessed to have had David in our family / Aili Ann Fahlsing (Volmer) (Aunt Aili)  Read >>
We are so blessed to have had David in our family / Aili Ann Fahlsing (Volmer) (Aunt Aili)
David was such a joy for me from the day he was born.  He was the first of nine beautiful nieces and nephews that God has blessed me with so far in life.  

I know I tell this story a lot,  but I loved to play hide and seek with David when he was really young.  When I was first to hide, David would look all around the house and eventually find me crouched down by the piano, or behind the kitchen sliding glass door curtain.  We would laugh together, and hug just about every time one would find the other.   The sweet part of this story was that on his turn that followed,  every time he would hide in the same spot I had just come from.  He didn't quite understand the whole concept of the game, but still loved to play it.  I will never forget his beautiful face smiling up at me after I found him crouched down next to the piano,  time, after time, after time...

Life with David brought many of these memories that I will charish forever.

David - I miss you terribly.  Thank you so much for being in my life. 
I love you very much - Aili Ann Close
Our thoughts and prayers are with you / Karen Bell (Dubbs) (Family Friend)  Read >>
Our thoughts and prayers are with you / Karen Bell (Dubbs) (Family Friend)
My thoughts and prayers are with your whole family during this hard time.  I remember David since he was a baby.  I watched him grow up and remember many great times playing with him and the girls at the Volmer's house.  What a great and loving family he has.  He was a lucky boy to have such wonderful grandparents, parents, sisters, aunts, uncles and obviously great friends.  Our condolences- Love The Bells and The Dubbs Families. Close
my best friend / Frank Lauritzen (friend)  Read >>
my best friend / Frank Lauritzen (friend)

Dave was my best friend. I loved him like a brother and would do anything for him and he would do the same for me, that's just the kind of person he was. He was always willing to take on extra tasks for the Student Ambassadors or the Student Government. He was probably the most unselfish, caring, devoted, hard-working, and fun-loving guy I have ever met. I admired him for taking the lead on the 5k run that we sponsored and the cancer relay that we participated in. Again, these were volunteer efforts, all for the benefit of others. School was a big part of our lifes but work was too. David's work ethic and intelligence were not overlooked on the job as he had passed up the majority of the Assets Protection team at Target for a promotion that was scheduled to come this month. When we weren't working or at school we knew how to have a good time. The guy was a hell of an athlete. We threw the football often and recently started playing tennis. Almost everyday I think of a funny story about a concert we went to (Buffet rocked!!) or that time at Dawn's house or that time we went to TJ....
One other thing that touched my heart was that Dave would give me a card on my birthday and at Christmas each year and would write a short note about how he was glad to be my friend. Wow! What an awesome guy.

You are missed / Emily Sayer (Highschool Friend)  Read >>
You are missed / Emily Sayer (Highschool Friend)

David was such a wonderful and thoughtul person; he was always working hard during track practice...staying after others had left to practice hurdles.  I don't think I have ever seen David without a smile on his face, which is what I remember most about him.  May he watch over his family and friends, and know that there are countless numbers of people that are holding him in our thoughts and prayers.

God bless,
Emily Sayer

It's not about the years in your life, it's about the life in your years / Friend   Read >>
It's not about the years in your life, it's about the life in your years / Friend

David had a lot of life in his years!

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