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Memorial Candles
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Keriann lit a candle on 12/23/2008: "I know it's early, but Merry Christmas! Miss you dude......"
April Hansel lit a candle on 06/07/2008: "Just thinking about you... couldnt sleep and you have been my comfort! I miss you!"
Dad &. Mom lit a candle on 05/16/2008: "Happy 23rd Birthday Son. Wish you were here with us...we miss you so! We Love You David! Happy Birthday."
Laura Borger lit a candle on 04/04/2008: "Just been thinking about you. Miss you!"
Lynn Robertson lit a candle on 02/17/2008: "Have been thinking about you a lot this week. Miss you tons!"
Mindy Burk lit a candle on 02/15/2008: "my how time flies. we all miss you. let uncle bob and aunt marie know we miss them and think about them too. take care!"
Holly lit a candle on 02/15/2008: "I am thinking of you today and always. I will always love you. You will always be remembered!!"
Dad &. Mom lit a candle on 02/15/2008: "Remembering your beautiful life today. Prayers for the judges 2 stop the Mexican trucking program. Miss u son!"
Your Sis! lit a candle on 02/14/2008: "happy valentines day!! could sure use your help studying for chem & physics right now! luv you! miss you!"
John Koczak lit a candle on 02/13/2008: "Dave and family - we think of you often and remember with sorrow 3 years ago. God Bless You. The Koczak Family"
Kretz Family lit a candle on 01/10/2008: "Visiting with your family recently reminded us of years gone by and of course ..Little Dave."
Kyla Seabrook lit a candle on 11/29/2007: "thanks for textmessaging me in my dream lastnight!! haha i miss u so much david <3"
Lauren lit a candle on 11/13/2007: "I miss you much! How different life would be =) <3"
Christina Lopez lit a candle on 11/12/2007: "Thinking of you......always!"
Kretz Family lit a candle on 10/29/2007: "My how time flys Lil Dave. Drop a smile from Heaven on your Mom & Pop today. Peace Dude."
Joey lit a candle on 10/14/2007: "thinkin about you big guy!"
Katie Hamilton lit a candle on 10/13/2007: "Just thinking of you today. Still missing you here."
Sean And Sheryl McGurk lit a candle on 09/10/2007: "David, We are telling the story of what happend to you, grandma and grandpa to try to save other lives- LU!"
Holly lit a candle on 08/28/2007: "Thinking of you and missing you so much!! Love you!"
Laura lit a candle on 08/03/2007: "I think of you often David- miss seeing you"
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