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David with his Grandparents - Bob & Marie - Three Angels.

The David M. Jennings II

Student Ambassador Memorial Scholarship

Through the generous donations of so many family and friends, we have established the David M. Jennings II Memorial Scholarship at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California. The scholarship is administered by the MiraCosta College Foundation and is a 501(c)3 organization. 
For more information or to make a donation please contact Linda Fogerson, Executive Director, One Barnard Drive, Oceanside, CA 92056. Telephone: 760-795-6775

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This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved son, David Michael Jennings II, who was born in Dayton, Ohio on May 16, 1985. He was taken from us, along with his grandparents, Bob and Marie Jennings, in a traffic accident involving a semi-truck on the San Diego Freeway, February 15, 2005 at the age of 19.

David was living in Carlsbad, Caliornia with his grandparents. He had moved there from Ohio to attend MiraCosta College in Oceanside. He was in their two-year transfer program preparing to transfer to UC San Diego as pre-med chemistry in the fall of 2005. He was very active at Mira Costa College where he was a Student Ambassador, a Senator in the Student Government and member of the Anthro, Math, and Roots and Shoots Clubs.

David grew up in Beavercreek, Ohio and graduated in 2003 from Carroll High School where he was a member of the football and track teams, the marching band and the Spanish and Math clubs. David was an honor student and had obtained the rank of  Eagle Scout wtih Troop 56 in Beavercreek.

David was devoted to his religion as an active member of the Queen of Apostles Catholic Church in Beavercreek as well as St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Carlsbad. David was also active in his community where he volunteered as a team captain in the Relay for Life and Special Olympics programs. He also worked at the Target Greatland Store where he touched many, many more lives.

David was preceeded in death by his grandparents, Bob and Marie Jennings. He is survived by his parents and four younger sisters....he loved us all so very much. David was our first born and was our only son. He was my best friend and buddy. David inspired me to write the following message so that all may continue on where he had left off:


Please do not mourn for me long,
Rather, continue on with my memory in your lives.
Remember me by living your lives as I did mine.

Love your Mother and Father. Respect and honor them.
Love and Care for you
r brothers and sisters.
Take the time to make yourself a part of their lives.
Tell them all "I Love You" e
ach and every day.

Love and cherish your Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.
Enjoy and love your friends in life.
Be an inspiration to them all, Take care of them and be there for them.

Eliminate hateful thoughts and feelings.
Follow your dreams and achieve your goals no matter what they may be.

Never forget that all of these things are blessings from God.
Take the time each and every day to do these,
For you never know wh
en it will be the last.

Do these thing
s for me. Your son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin
and friend.

Most of all, remember that I love you all and will always be a part of you.

Peace Out!

We will always miss you David....see you one day on the other side my son!

A few days after his death, I went into a local gift shop in downtown Carlsbad to find Kristi - David's mom - who was "browsing". On my way out, I had my attention drawn by a "shining" light coming from one of the many cards greeting cards in the card racks. Something was drawing me to pick up the card. We had already felt that "signs" of 3 were signs from them. So the title to the card and it's inherent message, really tugged at me. As I read the message I was utterly amazed and moved to tears. However, after finishing my reading, I felt total peace in the message that I read....

Three Things...

These are the three things I'll always have for you when your days aren't going the way they're supposed to...

I truly wish I could make things easier for you. I wish I knew all the right words to say and all the right things to do.

I hope everything will be fine soon. And I really hope you understand, deep within your heart, that I will always be here whenever you need a helping hand.

And Dreams...
I dream of a time that will come along soon...when the sun will shine so brightly that any clouds that have been in your life will disappear, and then your days will be filled with the kind of smiles and warmth that you always bring to everyone else.
- L. N. Mallory

Hang In There and Remember:
Happiness Will Come Your Way and Everything's Going to Be Okay.

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Miss you Buddy!   / Usi-Osefe Aimiuwu (Classmate)
David, I really miss you and every time I am in California your thought always cross my mind. I am really glad I got to see you few weeks before the untimely accident. Thanks for reaching out to the new kid fresh out from Nigeria on the trac...  Continue >>
It Only Takes a Second...   / David Jennings (Father)
It only took a second for me to once again be reminded of just how fragile our lives really are.

I was startled as I was pulling out of my neighborhood this morning when I realized that I had forgotten to kiss my wife, Kristi, good-bye an...  Continue >>
Heaven is a Place on Earth   / Lauren Coffman (Bestest Friend )
Last night I finished an interpreting assignment at UCSD at about 8pm and I was driving to escondido on the 5-78 which I never drive anymore. I have been missing david a lot lately and the last couple of times I have driven past carlsbad on the 78 I ...  Continue >>
A great Friend with charisma   / Usiosefe Aimiuwu (High school Classmate and friend )
I remember David Like it was yesterday. When i transferred To Carroll High School, he was a good friend and a good person you can talk to. We were on the same track team and also in similar courses. I had the opportunity to meet his grandparents when...  Continue >>
Hunting Dreams   / Dad
I spent a week up in the mountains archery hunting for Elk. Something you and I looked forward to doing once you were through with school.  One of my hunting friends brought his son along and I have to say it was a little painful to see the two ...  Continue >>
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